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Steps to Follow to Install a Car Wrap

In recent times, car wraps became hugely popular in terms of marketing and as a fashion accessory. Many companies around the world have started to place custom wraps and graphics on their business vehicles so that they stand out while stuck in excruciating traffic. Making the custom wraps as unbelievably complex and flashy as possible is the foremost goal. The installation of these custom wraps is so hassle free but the actual designing and printing is so complex and hard. The process of removing the wraps is much easier. Once you get your wraps and you know what to do with it then you can end up saving hundreds of dollars.

There are two common ways when you are installing car wraps. The first method is called the wet application which is simply using water to help stick the wrap to the car, which is similar to putting wallpapers. Attempting to do a wet application is thought to be the easiest process by a large amount of people but experts are saying the opposite. When you ask advise from an application expert, they will suggest that you follow the dry application than the wet application. The dry application does not need any additional item, you just have to pull the wrap over the car.

When the decision in choosing between the two ways to use on applying car wrap is done, all you have to be sure of is whether the car wrap you picked will fit the car or not. Specific car wraps are designed to be applied to specific cars but it does not mean that you still don’t have to test whether it will fit or not. The use of masking tape is the easiest and best method to use to test for fitting. The car wraps should cover all the sections of the car and to keep them in place, you have to use tape.

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When you are aware if everything you have to do, all you need to do to get started is to peel of the backing of your car wrap. Squeegee is required if you want to apply the wrap to the sections of your car. The application of squeegee is to make sure that the car wrap is laying flatly. A false belief by a lot of people is that you need to stretch or pull the wraps to make sure that it will fit.

When you finished applying the car wrap all over your car, to ensure that you can still open you door, use your mirror and work the windshield wipers, you have to cut through the wraps. The hard part in the cutting process is making sure that you don’t cut too deep because you might end up cutting the paint on the car underneath. If you don’t think or uncomfortable in doing all these steps for installation, it might be best to ask a professional for consultation.

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