Three Top Activities for Visitors to New York City

New York is one of the world’s most dynamic and vibrant cities, with something always going on. Things to Do in New York cover the whole range of what visitors might hope for, with a few especially popular and exciting options easily topping the charts at the moment.

Making the Most of the City That Never Sleeps

Some tourists plan trips to New York with every activity and detail set in stone. Others decide that it makes more sense to keep plenty of time free for filling after arrival. Some of the types of events and activities that most often end up leaving visitors enthralled and impressed include:

  • Broadway shows. New York’s theater district is famed around the world, and it remains the single most prolific source for blockbusting, high-end productions. Even when tickets for the newest and hottest shows are difficult to come by, it will always be possible to secure passes for plenty of entertaining alternatives. Long-running classics like the Phantom of the Opera, for example, still draw large audiences with every showing. Newer alternatives such as Wicked: the Musical can be every bit as enticing and exciting, with plenty of other options also being available.
  • Visiting the Statue of Liberty. There is no more iconic monument anywhere in the world than the stately Statue of Liberty. A gift from France that was given to commemorate a special type of international friendship, this towering statue can be seen from many places in New York City proper. Visitors often find it even more rewarding, however, to head out near historic Ellis Island to get a much closer look. One especially popular way to do so is to board a ferry that departs from either New York or the nearby shores of New Jersey.
  • Shopping. One feature of the city that locals love is how so many businesses remain open around the clock. Visitors will find plenty of world-class shopping awaiting them even at times where stores elsewhere would have long since shut down.
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Many More Ways to Enjoy New York

With these being only a few of the activities that most often help make visits to New York memorable, there will always be plenty of other options to explore. Whether for visitors who plan every move beforehand or those who are happy to improvise, New York has a great deal to offer.